Mystical Thoughts
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“I went to the stunning Dublin Mountains, to the Poolbeg Lighthouse, to the Irish forests, beautiful parks and to The Great Sugar Loaf. Enjoyed trips, jogs, cycles and hikes. I searched to gain self-love, to chill, to think and try to understand my complex mind, to feel what are my hearts desires. To acknowledge what my soul wants me to feel and learn (...)"

Mystical Thoughts (Ambient Trip)
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It’s a first song of ambient trip series, which is an ambient, a bit more relaxed, calm and darker side of Emiji. He takes us on a deep, dark and emotional journey, into realm of loneliness, darkness and sadness. But also calmness and inner beauty.
He invites us to explore self, sit down and talk to our biggest “enemy” that we would ever encounter - ourselves. He encourages us to get on the bus, where driver decided to go to a different universe and wants us to meet our real selves, who are waiting out there…
“He took me to Poolbeg, in the early morning, and things got weird, dark, emotional, and beautiful (...)”

"Quite ordinary, yet unique in a many ways...
The story of a one's life.
About going through phases,
People encountered through the path,
Illusions of mind. Learning self-love.
Despite reality - it still only happened inside his mind."

Love this existence. It's for you.